Amisha Patel Drunk at Aurus party



Sexy Amisha Patel, bollywood actress, in tight top, mini skirt and blond hairs, along with movie directors. I wonder why she is drinking along with those movie directors may be she wants them to give some movie offers to her. She is really struggling these days. I think she looks weird and old because of her hair color she should go back to black hair color.


Amisha Patel almost lost in the dark after Humraaz. Other than attending ceremonies with beau Kanav Puri who is a businessman, she was seen nowhere in films. Her filmy career almost headed towards doom. After a long hiatus, she is again making her comeback with Yashraj Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic with Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee and that too in a very sizzling manner. Yes, it is true that Amisha will look hot and spicy in the film and will get into a yellow bikini top and shirt.

She has shot a steamy song with Saif which requires her to do lots of hard task. About this particular dance number, Ameesha says. “I had to take lessons in scuba diving as huge chunks of the song were shot under water. I had to train to be under water without an oxygen tank, to ensure that I hear the speaker and follow the song, keep my expressions intact, my eyes open, to lip sync without bubbles, AND to look hot at the same time!”

Though Amisha is out of the limelight for certain period of time, she makes sure that she does not gain weight and therefore worked out thoroughly for her toned body. How much effort she has made to keep her body well toned without declaring the world is quite evident in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic where she is looking extremely stunning.

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