Deepika Padukone will be in a New Look


Year 2009 will be having a dazzling start as for Deepika Padukone fans are concerned. Deepika will be in a total new look, a Chinese girl look. She will be seen in new look in movie Chandini Chowk to China opposite Akshay Kumar. As the movie name speaks off, entire shooting is done in between Chandini Chowk, Delhi (India) and China.

Its a great opportunity for Deepika as most actresses don't get the chance to play double roles in a single movie frequently. Deepika got second time with just this is her third movie. First movie she played double role was her debut flick Om Shanti Om and second one is this one. The movie is set to release in January 2009. The promos and movie posters are wonderful and looks the movie is different of its kind in bollywood. Well at present it sis needed to have different movie like hollywood, a movie with action, comedy and romance all in different style and its looks that Chandini Chowk to China is having the same. Now its all dependent with Indian audiences how they react upon the movie release.

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Deepika Padukone is looking Soo Cute, almost like chines girls.

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