Sophie Chaudhary talk about her life


Hot VJ/Actress Sophie Chaudhary talk about her life

This babe who was born and brought up in London was a famous VJ. Now she has come to Bollywood. She has Aa Dekhen Zara, Daddy Cool, and Alibaug in her bag of films.

Come, know her better.

Her first crush
Well it feels like the first time every single time it happens. Nonetheless, I started young and it was both Pete Sampras and Salman Khan. I used to melt whenever I saw them. And I would have perpetual butterflies in my stomach.

Her first date
It was perfect. We went for a movie in Leicester Square, London and then went for ice-cream. But the best part was walking around the city for ages just talking and holding hands. You know that feeling when you don’t want the moment to end? Well that’s the feeling I had that night.How far would I go? Never more than a kiss, if that. Even though I’m a die-hard romantic, it’s not that easy to break down my walls!

Would wear on a hot date...
Jeans and a nice top with stilettos or a short black dress. If I am wearing a short black dress, I’ll add some colour to it, say wear pink shoes or carry a pink bag, but I wouldn’t over-accessorize it. I’ll keep it minimal and keep the make-up soft, focusing more on the eyes and will leave my hair open. Not too much cleavage; just enough to look sensual.

On flirting
Flirting is all about personality and confidence. I enjoy flirting and I think everyone should indulge in it once in a while. Its harmless fun and I think it’s a great ego booster for the person you are flirting with and to yourself too. So I am unabashedly saying that its fun to flirt, as long as the man’s not married.

Sophie on one-night stands
Totally not my thing. If I like someone, then I want to be able to ‘stand’ him for longer than a night! I am a committed sort of girl, yet I am a very free-spirited and non-judgmental type of a person. When it comes to me I am very correct with what’s cool with me and what’s not cool with me. This is just not cool with me.

On her absent lesbian traits
Well there have definitely been times when I have looked at J Lo or Scarlett Johansson and thought, Wow! She is hot… But I’m afraid my fantasies do not extend beyond that! I can officially say that I am not attracted to people of the same sex.

Her take on homosexuality and bisexuality
To each their own. I think everyone has the right to live their life the way they want. I have so many homosexual friends and I love them to death. As for bisexuality, hmmm… I think the person is being greedy, enjoying the best of both worlds. Not fair!

What she wants in a guy
His mind, his smile and a cute ass helps! Seriously, he has to intrigue me and make me laugh too. I find confidence in a man really attractive. A man who has achieved a certain amount in his own field is appealing. Somehow, I don’t get attracted to men who are lost in their field and trying to find their way. I need someone who is a little bit more stable while I am making my own way.
Being brought up abroad myself, I want him to have traditional family values, but at the same time he should be liberal and open-minded. He should be mysterious, but shouldn’t play games. He shouldn’t tell me what to do. I should be able to look up to him, but I don’t have an older man complex, that’s for sure. I am not into older men!

Sophie on pre-marital sex
Once again, I think it’s an individual thing. As long as one is practicing safe sex and being careful, I guess its ok. When I moved to Mumbai, I couldn’t believe how people wanted to jump in the sack first and then get to know you. That’s really not how it works for me. I really am a love and commitment kind of girl.

On guys making a pass at her
Thankfully, it happens every single day. Sometimes I love it because it’s such an ego boost, but some guys are so tacky in their approach that you just want to slap them. Fortunately for me, a lot of guys are intimidated, so they don’t manage to say too much!

Sophie on sex in a relationship
I think a physical connection is very important in a relationship because it’s a way of expressing intimacy like no other. Very often if the physical aspect is not working, other problems start appearing too. It is important to rate sex quite high in any relationship. For me sex is not just a physical connection.
If you are in a relationship, sex is part of an emotional and physical connection with your partner. But you need other things as well to sustain a relationship. It’s not just important for a man, also important for a woman to understand her physical needs

Casting couch
Let’s just say that when you are an attractive woman in this industry, it would be surprising if a pass has not been made at you. In any industry, a woman who is attractive will be hit on. It does exist for sure. When I first came to India and when I was debating if I should live in Mumbai or not, even much before I became a VJ, people were suggestive.
But they have been quite intimidated by me, so they never made totally open suggestions. It’s not something I have taken too kindly anyway. Contrary to my image of being a glam doll and a hot woman, my values are completely opposite. Most of the time, I hang out with my mom and granny. I am not a crazy, wild party girl. And I won’t give in to the casting couch.
That is something I would never want to experience. It’s something that goes against all my morals and principles. I have gotten wherever I have gotten only through hard work. That’s why it has taken me longer than what it has taken some other people. But I am ok with that.

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