Amisha Patel sizzling on Magazine Men's World


Sexy Amisha Patel is definitely the hottest woman in Bollywood. The prims and propahs of the Bollywood elite may tell size zero Kareena Kapoor or the swelte Katrina Kaif as the sexiest woman in the world. But the fact is men in India lust for Amisha Patel. The delicious Gujarati dhokla Amisha is turning out to be every bit beautiful as she is sexy. Check out the sexy Amisha Patel pictures in Filmfare and Man's World to see what we mean. Amisha Patel with her abundant cleavage and her slim waist is epitome of being sexy; she is fleshy in areas which need to be fleshy and slim where she has to be slim. Amisha Patel has raised a love storm with her apperance in Man's World, and most men would die to hear her say 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hain" Others would like to spend some lazy lamhe with the slim and voluptuous(ironical as it may seem) Amisha Patel.

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