Bipasha Basu bikini act in Dhoom 2


Bipasha Basu bikini act in Dhoom 2:The bold and beautiful dusky bombshell Bipasha Basu( I know I am going in an adjective spree here) is one actress who can actually look sexy without being vulgar. She is one of the actresses who can look sensuous without an iota of obscenity. Bipasha Basu proved her point by dressing smartly in an itsy bitsy two piece bikini which actually looked like her second skin. It is believed that to get the fantastic slim figure for the bikini clad outfit, Bipasha Basu lived on only oranges for two days prior to her shoot. Dhoom 2 went on to be the biggest hit of 2006 and Bipasha’s bikini act was an icing to the cake prepared by the awe-inspiring presence of Hrithik Roshan.



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