Celina Jaitley digitally enhances Assets for PETA



Sex and SRK sells in Bollywood. Neha Dhupia mouthed these words and they are so prophetic. Celina Jaitely has decided to model for PETA. The only thing is Celina Jaitley’s breasts have been enhanced digitally to invite attention to the issue, of the elephants that is(naughty boy!). Celina Jaitley bust looks clearly alerted and heavy compared to the pair she naturally has. Celina Jaitely had this to say about her assets which are digitally enhanced” my breasts do look different. But I have done it for a good cause. I don't think it should be much of an issue” Well we can say jumbo size for a jumbo cause. Size matter, be they for elephants or breasts. Incidentally PETA had help flourish the careers of Rakhi Sawant and Mona Chopra with their seductive PETA ads.


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