Did Mahima Chaudhary fart?


We hope this is not true, but this picture makes it seem that the poor man is holding on to his dear nose while looking at the place, the smell emanated from! Holy cows, we hope Mahima Chaudhary did not fart. This picture is taken when Mahima Choudhary, a very sweet soul actually, was at Cancer Patient Aid Association (f?)art show. By the way Mahima is looking even more gorgeous and glowing with beauty post motherhood. Mahima has got back her enviable figure as she cut down on calories and immersed herself in workouts. We just love our good sexy 35 year old Mahima. The lively, gorgeous lady is an exception to some of the stupid Bollywood girls with attitude problems. Mahima has no airs as such, but we do not want her to spread some either.We just hope she did not let one go here. This ain't the right place, hon!


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