Juggan Kazim, Tongue Piercing, Up-Close





Even though Frank Sinatra might have fancied these words about his life, I think they are better suited for our Juggan Kazim. This girl, is a rebel, in the best tradition of the word. What she has accomplished in her short life is an inspiration for girls out there. She had worked in plays and was a movie star in the west, much before we knew her as a television personality in Pakistan.
When fate dealt her a blow and she separated from her husband, she chose to go it alone, rather than fall back on her parents. A single mother, meeting the demands of family and career, especially in our neck of the woods, is a singular achievement. For a woman to manage it within the traditional framework, set by our patriarchal culture, is an uphill task. But to be beautiful and sexy, independent and forthright, yet maintain one’s integrity –in our time– is nothing short of amazing.


And in keeping with that spirit, we discover her love for piercings; tongue piercing in particular. A universally acknowledged symbol for expressing one’s individuality and personality, it is also said to enhance one’s, shall we say, social life. There is a definite exotic and sensual appeal to a tongue piercing. One can only imagine how it would feel wrapped around one’s tongue, or rubbing against something even more sensitive.


I don’t know where these desi girls are getting them done but these days, aside from the tongue piercing, you do spot the occasional eyebrow, lip and belly piercings. It just gets the wheels turning as to what, where and how many more is s/he holding out on us.




Before we wrap this up, something ought to be said about the particular placement of the piercing on the tongue. Whether it’s near the tip, or further back, depends on what it’s going to be used for, or on. I’ll let you decide what we have going on here. If it’s ever going to be used for anything other than the aesthetic appeal, of course.

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Juggan is one perfect HOST i love to watch her every talk show.

who is Juggan Kazim ? however she has such a looong tongue.

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