Koena Mitra bikini blast from her past


Watch sexy pictures of Koena Mitra, the amazingly hot Koena.

Koena Mitra likes erotica in aesthetic form rather than vulgar display of expressions and flesh. Though Koena Mitra has no hang up about shedding her clothes, she maintains that she would do it only if the script demands it and not for shameless publicity. Well, we say what is new!


Koena Mitra has got a real sexy figure and she attributes it to a healthy breakfast and continous gyming. She says that she has the knack of observing people and knowing their true colors. And I have got the ‘blues’ for sexy Koena. You just fall in love with Koena’s deep sensuous eyes and her beautiful figure.


Koena’s top three assets are:

3. Koena’s lips: Post plastic surgery, Koena’s lips look more appealing and hot.

2. Cleavage: Koena has a drool inducing cleavage which gives a feeling that her assets are well shaped and cute.

1. Eyes: Koena’s sexy eyes are enough to nurse a broken heart and make u fall in love with her!

rated 7/10 on the sexometer

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