Lara Dutta stole the BLUE Show


Lara Dutta, the dusky bombshell with a husky voice has worn a sexy bikini in the upcoming movie Blue. The movie that is about to release in August 2009 is reported to be the costliest movie ever in India, with 90 percent of the scenes shot under water. Kylie Minogue, the Australian singing sensation plays a part in the film, and has sung in Blue, for a number composed by A.R.Rahman. The woman who is known to have the best butt in the world(arguably), Kylie Minogue is astonishing no match for our Indian Megan fox, Lara Dutta.

It is believed that in the sets too, when both the ladies were there, Lara Dutta had most people besotted to her, compared to Kylie. Lara Dutta has an important role to play in Blue. Along with the other actors, she too had to learn deep sea diving and jump more than 100 feet deep into the sea. Lara says "I didn't know deep sea diving and had to train for six months before joining the team of Blue," Lara said. "But I got the biggest fright when I was told to jump into the sea without an oxygen mask. Thankfully, everything went well."

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