Minissha Lamba Bikini moments of Kidnap


Minissha Lamba Bikini moments of Kidnap.

Minissha Lamba has stolen our hearts with her sexy presence in the turkey Kidnap. The luscious Lamba has generated a heat wave in the cold Kidnap; though the movie failed to stirred the audience,Minissha certainly did. On being questioned, if Minissha Lamba had gone under the knife for her cute looking face, Minissha answers “You tell me” and her gorgeous face looks as much beautiful as it did in Kidnap. What about Minissha Lamba’s breasts, are they real? A candid Minissha laughs and says,”Yes they are real, but a movie trick to digitally enhance them”

But a shapely body like that does not come easy. Minissha Lamba had to work hard to get that body made for sin. She forego eating, cut down heavily on her weight to get herself flat abs, and hit the gym ferociously. Lo, and behold, you had Minissha ready to be so kidnap-able. But then it was a waste..sheer waste because Minissha Lamba’s youthful image was ruined for a stupid movie made by stupid director. We wish Minissha had seen Tashan.

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