Sonam opted out by Katrina kaif Due to Firangi in nature


Mumbai, May 02: Delicate darling Sonam Kapoor probably must be sobbing on papa Anil Kapoor’s shoulders for comfort.

The little girl has lost a much-coveted role to none other than the glorious hurricane, Katrina Kaif. According to sources, Sonam was eyeing a role in a film, directed by Dibakar Bannerjee of ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ fame, but the director thought that Katrina was more suited for the role.

Even though Sonam had a reliable line of communication with Dibakar through his friend Abhay Deol (also the leading man in Sonam's home production ‘Ayesha’), she lost her sheen in front of the breathtakingly beautiful Katrina.

And moreover, Katrina bagged the role for her much-criticised British accent. The film, which also stars Imran Khan and Abhay Deol, was evidently written with Katrina in mind but Sonam wanted to play the character. "Anil Kapoor was very keen to have his daughter work with Dibakar. He even called the director home and showed him a show reel prepared for an international project. The director is also keen to work with Sonam but he sees her as the archetypal Indian beauty. That's not what Dibakar's new Imran-Abhay romance requires. The heroine must be partly firangi, so Katrina with her firangi accent is perfect for the part," said the source.

After learning of the ‘firangi’ role, Katrina approached the director and expressed her desire to work in his film. As luck would have it Katrina is just the leading lady Dibakar was looking for. “He really couldn't think of anyone else for the part," added the source.

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